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“Franchise Futures helps in building successful franchises, ensuring you as a franchisor and your franchise network win equally. With first hand experience of the key pitfalls in this industry, my ground breaking consultancy with the support of a specialist team, enable me to mentor my clients through their franchise journey, by providing smarter solutions. The niche services offered, support those who are at different stages of the franchising life cycle with a key focus on franchise start-ups.” – Krishma Vaghela

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I would highly recommend Krishma Vaghela for her experience, knowledge and services related to Business Development and Franchise. She is absolutely fabulous in understanding your business and accordingly helps and suggests the right direction that could be followed. Having had a chat with Krishma, she has helped me a lot!!

Prospective Franchisor - F&B Sector - Berkshire

Although my interactions with Krishma, to date, have been limited, it is clear to me that she is one of very few that not only understands the world of franchising, but truly knows and has experienced the ins and outs of running a business. I was also very surprised when I first made contact with her, how knowledgeable she was in the Care Sector, something many claim, but most fail to demonstrate. She has already made a few introductions, that I know will greatly benefit my business, and I am sure that we will continue to collaborate in the future

Care Franchise - Managing Director – London

I have been toying with the idea of franchising my business one day, but didn't really know what this would involve. I have spoken to various franchisees and franchisors but got a variety of different opinions, so it was very confusing. I was so grateful to be introduced to Krishma. She is so knowledgeable and patient. She managed to explain the franchising process to me in an objective way and break it down step by step. It's great to be embarking on this journey with a clear road map, and having Krishma as a guide. I'd highly recommend it to anyone thinking of franchising.

Client, London

I chose Krishma to assist my father and I in our journey to buy our first franchise. From the set go, from contacting Krishma, to meeting her, she’s been absolutely amazing. Such a professional individual, looking out for our best interest at all times. From our first meeting she explained how the industry worked and took us through the all pros and cons. She understood immediately after a brief conversation the route we wanted to go down, and had such a positive attitude and vibe that made me want to ask more. She was honest and very humble and her whole approach was outstanding. I can’t thank Krishma enough and can honestly say, Both my father and I are looking forward to the future, and working with Krishma in securing our first franchise.

Investor – Middlesex

I have chosen to work with Franchise Futures to help market our franchise opportunity in the most effective way.  I was attracted to Krishma's refreshing energy and knowledge of the franchise market and feel that her passion for people will be a great asset to the franchise part of my business.

Franchisor – Surrey

As part of Franchise Futures, Krishma has an in depth knowledge of the franchise industry and really made the effort to understands our requirements. She is extremely proactive and I can very quickly see results in having her on board as part of my franchise team.

Client - DNS Accountants – Harrow

I met Krishma at a Franchising event in Milton Keynes recently and instantly I felt comfortable talking to her about my Franchise ideas. I booked a business development and franchise consultation meeting and Krishma was professional from start to finish. I found the meeting structure was excellent to plan my next steps and Krishma's advice was really helpful. Start ups are a scary time so having someone to support and guide you through the process is invaluable.

Prospective Franchisor - Milton Keynes

Krishma from Franchise Futures is an absolute wealth of knowledge. During our first conversation, she was already providing value and insight into areas I needed to address for growth in my business and how to go about doing it. She has a great deal of information and adapted it to deal directly with my industry and the particular sticking points in my business. Her personality and drive are contagious, which always helps invigorate me to act immediately. The principles she instills are valuable to anybody working on getting through a plateau, or looking to take their growth to a new level. Time spent with Krish, is time well spent for you and your business.

Greg - Healthcare Start-Up - New York

"It was my first consultation with Krishma today and I can honestly say it was a very energising, positive and productive experience. When you're new to business and trying to grow to a new level things can become very overwhelming you can feel lonely. You constantly encounter people trying to rip you off promising the world and not delivering. I had hit a wall my productivity, my motivation and drive had come to a abrupt halt I honestly felt like quitting I couldn’t think clearly and the pressure was building. My consultation with Krishma has re-energised me and allowed me to focus and I have got back my drive and motivation.

Krishma exudes positive energy (its addictive!) and having sat there discussing my business it was immediately obvious Krishma has the knowledge, experience, drive and network of people around her that I’ve been searching for to help me grow,for example I had been struggling to find a quality professional food photographer, within a short space of time I had been sent contacts of some really good options, people who I would have otherwise not known about. Problem solved!

Krishma has provided me with a detailed short to medium term strategy plan to help me get me back on track. It was exactly what I needed. In a world where trying to source information or services you require can be a nightmare. Krishma is like a dream come true. It’s refreshing to meet someone with genuine integrity in business someone who genuinely wants to help you. All too often people just want to get paid and be done with you I didn’t get that feeling at all with Krishma and feel this is just the start of a journey together. I will definitely be booking in another consultation with Krishma in the near future".

Business Development Client - F&B Concept - London

“I found Krishma on Linkedin and approached her to give us her expert opinion and advice on our franchise prospectus re-write. It became clear very quickly that she has a wealth of experience and her input has been invaluable. Her response and feedback has been insightful, constructive, and prompt. We will definitely be accessing her services again in the future and highly recommend. Thanks Krishma”

Franchisor - N.W. England

"It was great to finally meet with Krishma Vaghela today, after many conversations Krishma made the long journey up to come and discuss some very exciting plans. Thoroughly enjoyed the meeting, really impressed with Krishma’s knowledge and looking forward to executing the strategy that will take Real5 Networking to the next level."

Andrew Hibbert - Founder & MD - Real5 Networking

“We have retained Franchise Future to advise us on our exciting journey to national expansion. Krishma was extraordinarily solicitous while being absolutely professional. She gave us an excellent road map to follow. She has made us confident that we can scale the heights with her and her team and achieve what we set out to do and more. Would definitely recommend Franchise Futures as Krishma is a disruptor to the industry and the first important investment anyone has to make when considering Franchising in any capacity."

Founder - QSR Concept - Cambridge

"Having been running my business for 7 years, I knew I needed to plan for the future and where I wanted to take my business but didn't really know which direction to go. After reaching out to Krishma at Franchise Futures I now have a much clearer picture. I was in a situation where my business was growing quickly but I couldn't keep up with it, I needed a clear vision, a plan to take the business forward, one that would work for my business and my vision. Krishma grasped my business model very quickly and it was amazing to see how excited she became about my company and what I am trying to achieve. It made me feel proud of what I have achieved and confident that I can take it further. I am not one to ever sit still, I want new challenges, new revenue streams, I am constantly thinking of new opportunities and today I came away from our meeting full of excitement and anticipation of what the future will bring. I am feeling very keen to get started on the tasks I have been set and getting all my policies and processes in a clear package for potential franchise partners. I am now very confident that franchising is the way forward and am looking forward to working with Krishma to put this plan into action and working with new franchise partners to take my business model nationwide (and hopefully internationally!)"

Founder and Managing Director - S.E. England, Children & Families Sector

"I have not known Krishma for long and it was sheer coincidence that the first time we spoke was via a mutual friend. It has only been 3 months and in that time I have nothing but admiration for this hard working woman. I decided that after a nearly 10 year stint at home, looking after kids, I needed to put myself first and get back on the career ladder unsure of whether that meant as an employee, a business owner or a franchisee. I contacted Krishma and since then we have been working closely on trying to find me a suitable venture. She completely understands my requirements and I love the fact that she hasn’t thrown every franchise my way. She knows what interests me, she knows what’s new, what’s relevant and more importantly what will work. I love the fact, she’s black and white and completely honest. In this day and age, it’s hard to find people who actually say it as it is and Krishma is one of them. Whilst I’ve not found the ideal role yet we are still working together and I know 2019 will be my year and Krishma will be the main force behind this. Continue what you are doing Krishma, you’re a pleasure to work with and I look forward to hearing your success stories in 2019."

Client - North West London

"After running my education business for over 9 years, I was looking for clarity and a direction with what the next steps should be to take my business forward. After an initial call with Krishma, I decided to sit down with her for a consultation regarding franchising. I must say that Krishma was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She explained each an every point to consider when franchising and even showed ways of sensibly dealing with the finances involved. I left the meeting reassured, with a clear purpose and direction and an action plan to improve my current marketing which was a well received bonus as a result of our meeting. I am now planning to setup my franchise and become a franchisor. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about getting into franchising as a franchisor or franchisee to consult with Krishma as she is amazing."

Founder - Kids Education Sector - London

"I would like to recommend Krishma if you are struggling to reach the next stage of life where we are all all facing a Pandemic globally. Like in every business we start with a primary relationship with ourselves first and then develop strategies and a certain skill set for our individual industries, however we are all struggling emotionally and mentally to keep our businesses surviving. Krishma listened to me and guided me to transfer my experience and skills of 24 yrs into a new beginning within the same industry. Over the last couple of years I have had 2 conversations with Krishma both which have been positive. Our last conversation was a final nail in the coffin where she encouraged me to re-brand my business and start to look at different strategies and ways that will benefit and develop my business. If you are struggling with making decisions in marketing, re-branding or remodeling your business do get in touch with Krishma. She listens, hears and then gives her suggestions to suit you, your family life and working hours."

Business Start-Up - Travel Industry

“A productive day spent at our restaurant with Krishma Vaghela from Franchise Futures. She has been the key to help us kick start our future plans for our small fusion restaurant which we would love to see grow, however the concept and brand will be changing to suit the current market.

To our surprise, we have had keen interest from prospect franchise partners at such early development stages, this clearly indicates that we are on the right path to bringing something new and fresh to the high streets that people are considering on investing in us.

Krishmas expertise and planned management advice has been extremely useful. She has helped us plan our business future by clearing our foggy vision. We look forward to working with her on our new venture.”

Co-Founder - F&B Brand - New Concept Development

"I initially came across Franchise Futures whilst doing some online research for franchise consultants. I was looking for a consultant that knew and understood the childrens market, could provide me with advice and suggestions on business development and finally someone that had a passion for my business.

Having had a number of telephone meetings and our first face to face I believe Krishma has exactly what I need to take my business to the next stage. Not only does she have years of experience in the industry but she is warm and vibrant to be around - and this was very important for me, as this is a key ingredient for a healthy business relationship."

Founder - Kids Sector - Franchising